About this Blog

Question: What is this blog about?

Answer: I have no idea. I could be cliche and say life, but that answer sucks in both it’s brevity and vaguery. So I will say it is about the following: (in no particular order) rodeo clowns, parenthood, Sbarro Pizza, faith, TV, movies, marriage, music, hyperbole, zombies, extended adolescene, Maginot Lines, and Bill Hader.

Follow up Question: What isn’t this blog about?

Answer: Great question and I like where your head is at. Again, in no particular order: dermatology, thin mint girl scout cookies, Namibia, Luna Lovegood, Horace Goodspeed, raisins, Malcom Jamal-Warner, and onomatopoeia.

Question: What are you hoping to accomplish with this blog?

Answer: An improvement of writing skills. Expression of self. A stupid amount of money.

Question: Do you believe in aliens?

Answer: While I guess I am undecided on their factual existence within our immediate galaxy, I do believe in the possibility of them.

Question: What is something that is overrated?

Answer: Social media. Dinosaurs. Morgan Freeman.

Question: What is something that is underrated?

Answer: Grammar. Mall food. And Cheerwine. Peter Sarsgaard.

Question: Who are your influences?

Answer: Bill Simmons, Chuck Klosterman, Raymond Carver, Andrew Schwab, Flannery O’Connor, Ben Linus, and Kimmy Gibbler.