The Paradox of Parenting

11:25 PM Posted by Knox McCoy

Never before has 5 months felt more prolonged. But what's funny is that I find myself unable to recall much of the goings on throughout these months.

It feels like a phenomenon more suited to the (re)cast away survivors on LOST. That, or it could be lack of sleep.

Regardless, life has seemed to slow down but with very little anecdotal evidence to support that claim.

What is for certain though is our new station in life, which is complete with parental duties, new responsibilities, and skills yet to be learned. But not only has the time spent in these roles left us memory-challenged, it also is beginning to wipe out my recollection of life before Rowe.

It's almost like Back to the Future when Marty keeps examining the photograph of his family as siblings begin to slowly vanish from view.

What exactly was it that I did on week nights? On Saturdays? At 5am in the morning? All the things I did that were such large and prevalent portions of my life are now drifting away with very little attention being paid to their dismissal.

But unlike the time-traveling McFly, I don't feel a sense of urgency to reclaim my lost freedom. It's a good loss as only now do I realize that most of my time was spent catering to a massive self-centeredness.

If it seems as though I am painting myself as enlightened, please understand that (in staying with the Back to the Future theme) in many things I still operate with an ignorance befitting Biff.

It's more of a situation where beyond the perfect miracle that Rowe is in and of himself, God is also using him as a daily reminder of how much richer life can be when I realize that there is more to life than myself.

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